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Solar & Storage Experts. For the best solar system solutions, you can have confidence in Energy Stuff. Our team has decades of expertise in providing residential and rural off grid solar systems, battery storage, servicing and repairs, Australia-wide.

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By bringing together expertise from around the renewable energy industry, Energy Stuff specialises in supporting customers in our region with a range of services and products that ensure our clients have the right energy system, that those systems are running efficiently, that energy costs are kept at bay, and to prepare our customers for a new renewable energy future. Interestingly, most energy consumers have no idea of how much energy they are generating or using at any point in time. So, they cannot fully optimise the return on the investment they have made or go on to make the best decisions on when to use, or not use, energy via their appliances. Energy Stuff provides “Smart monitoring” that removes this energy uncertainty, providing 24/7 real-time feedback and management of your solar generation and electricity consumption. Energy Stuff has a range of specialities to manage new, existing or remote energy production. We offer Smart Energy, Solar Services & Repairs plus Off-Grid kits and Installation.

What we offer

  • New Systems & Upgrades

    Energy prices are continuing to rise at an alarming rate, resulting in more households now looking at solar. Solar costs have come down considerably over the past five years Our job is to review your current and future energy needs and suggest the right system for you. Our proposals come with modelling and we can also provide finance through our partners.

  • Smart Energy

    Avoid bill shock, monitor, then manage to save energy and reduce costs. Most households have no idea of how much energy they are generating or using at any point in time. So they cannot optimise the return on the investment made. Contact us to see how you can become a smart energy user.

  • Solar Battery Storage

    With most homes only utilising about half of their solar energy generation and feed-in tariffs now around the 10 cents mark it is no wonder that many homeowners are looking at battery storage to get their utilisation up to above 80%.

  • Solar Repairs

    Get your solar system back into action quickly. Be confident your system is working effectively and at no risk to you and family. We do all types and sizes of grid-based residential solar system repairs. If your solar system is out of warranty we can support you to get back into generation.

  • Rural Off Grid Energy

    If you live in a remote location and are moving into an existing house, adding a removable house or building a new house, then off-grid solar systems can be cheaper than paying large setup costs connecting to the grid. We have portable kits and we can customise systems to suit all needs.


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