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Repair, upgrade or replace with solar system services and products from Energy Stuff.

Is your solar system running to its true potential?

Energy Stuff specialises in supporting Australian residential solar homeowners with a range of services and products to ensure systems are running efficiently, that energy costs are kept at bay, and to prepare for a new renewable energy future.

Solar Repairs and Review
Solar Repairs and Review

Get your system back up and running fast

We’ll advise you on the best solution and work fast to restore your energy production

Inverters are the weak link in most solar systems. If your inverter is over five years old then you may find that your original supplier has gone and the unit is no longer supported. From our extensive range we can quickly suggest and supply a high-quality inverter that will fit your current system and will not compromise your feed-in tariff.

You may find your system down and have no idea what the issue is. Call us and we will work with you to track down the fault or we will organise an audit from one of our accredited installers. Once the fault is determined we can get your system back up and running quickly saving you valuable energy costs.


Get your inverter repaired quickly by a certified solar installer & repairer.


Get your system working again safely with a certified solar installer & repairer.


Book a solar specialist to check your system for safety and efficiency

Smart Energy Monitoring
Smart Energy Monitoring

Save money on your energy bills

Be smart and manage your energy production and use through better systems

Most households have no idea of how much energy they are generating or using at any point in time. So, they cannot optimise the return on the investment made or make the best decisions on when to use, or not use, energy via their appliances.  Smart monitoring removes this energy uncertainty, providing you 24/7 real-time feedback and management of your solar generation and electricity consumption. You are also alerted if your system goes down saving valuable time and cost in not generating energy.

Energy Management 101 is to get the cheapest rates and the best feed-in tariff. We can support you in both through our monitoring and energy plan partners

Smart Energy Systems

Monitor and actively manage your energy production and automate your appliances


Use our free solar diary to check your system against the local benchmarks.

Smart Energy Plans

The best current rates and partners working in the exciting solar network community.

New Systems & Upgrades
New Systems & Upgrades

Become energy self-sufficient and beat bill shock

Talk to us about the best solution to upgrade your current system or install a new one

Your system may be old and not best suited for today’s needs let alone the future. While energy prices continue to rise most solar components have dropped in price so now is a great time to investigate an upgrade to your old system and this could mean more panels and battery storage.

You may have looked a solar a few years ago and decided to wait, well now is a great time to look again as prices have come down and Government subsidies are declining each year until they go in 2030. We can discuss your current and future needs and propose a solar system that will work for you for years to come.

Upgrade your system

Find out how you can upgrade your system for a more energy efficient future.

Install a new system

Generate your own energy – we will advise you on the best solution.

Add battery storage

Utilise your own energy better – call us about adding new battery storage


Energy Stuff in conjunction with RateSetter can support you to get finance approval for your system upgrade.

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Energy Stuff is proud to have an experienced Solar Installation company at our back with Solar Installations & Electrical Pty Ltd.

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