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Solar is the future and we’re here to make it a reality

At Energy Stuff - we can give you a secure and cost-effective energy future - with our comprehensive range of new smart energy solar systems, expert servicing & repairs, and off-grid solar installations. Put high electricity costs behind you and find out how we can deliver you an affordable renewable energy future.

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Our success stories

I have dealt with many solar companies over the past 15 years and I must say that Energy Stuff is by far the most professional and efficient. I am extremely happy with their service and after-sales service. - Sam from Gold Coast QLD

Energy Stuff was familiar with that particular solar inverter problem and provided an effective and timely solution. They also provided a letter explaining the nature and likely cause of the faulty inverter for submission to the insurer in support of a possible claim for cover under the home and contents policy of the homeowner. It was a pleasure at all times to deal with the support personnel, who showed great understanding and patience. - Jenny from Essendon VIC

The staff at Energy Stuff were extremely helpful. Their communication was outstanding and they have continued to make sure we are happy and that our warranty was all registered. If every company had staff like this, the corporate world would be a lot easier place to deal with. Thank you! - Ben from Townsville QLD

It was made so easy. all arranged for me. The staff were great to deal with. Very happy thank you. Vicki from Crestmead QLD

Very happy with response to our queries and reliability of service Many thanks - Con from Adelaide SA

I also wanted to let you know my experience with your Customer Service and Installer has been great, they were both very helpful and informative. It is sometimes hard these days to get good service. Thank you. - Karen from South Morang VIC

Case Studies

Connect Church Townsville

With a desire to see people grow spiritually and thrive in every area of life while being ready and able to serve the community, the city and beyond, high energy bills is the last thing a church like Connect Church needed to deal with.


James installs a new 6kW solar system

James approached Energy Stuff with the idea of getting a new solar system for a house he recently moved into with his parents. While he had no real idea of specifications he had two main criteria that had to be met.


Mary needed her solar system reinstalled

Mary had her solar system for many years but in order to fix her roof she needed to remove it. After many months she decided to get back into energy production and approached Energy Stuff to achieve this


Con’s solar system went down.

Con reached out to Energy Stuff after discovering his inverter was no longer operational. Con was eager to get his system back online again to keep his energy bills low.


Latest News

Do I, or Don’t I? the emotional and financial rollercoaster of ‘going off-grid”!

 As an off-grid expert, I get asked the question constantly, “Is it a viable option?”Well, how long is a piece of string?I am not a fore-see-er, I do not predict the future, but what I do know is; that as long as the sun rises tomorrow, I can build you an ‘off-grid system’ t...



CUTTING POWER BILLS WITH SOLAR PANELS FOR 650,000 HOMES Sunday, 19 August 2018: Breaking News: Solar Rebate Program Victoria - Saving up to $890 on electricity bills and receive up to $2,225 in rebate.  From today, Victorians will be able to install a solar panel system and get half of the cost...


Your guide to off-grid living

With rising electricity prices and large upfront connection costs, choosing to go Off-Grid for your electricity is increasingly more attractive. When choosing between an Off-Grid system or paying to connect your property to the grid, looking at your systems life cycle will help to understand the tot...


Get the best out of your solar system over winter

With winter and spring still to work their way through solar panel owners will be seeing a drop in solar power output that comes in the cooler months. With shorter days, more cloud cover and the sun shining at a different angle, you may be losing up to a half of your solar system’s usual output. W...


The benefits of going solar

With over 1.8 million residential solar systems installed and growth per annum still going strong, it is evident that people see the real benefits of going solar. So what are the benefits?Solar Power can save you money – Installing Solar power enables you to generate your own electricity. By...


Add battery storage to your solar system

With ever increasing power prices and the risk of impending shortages in some States, it is a fertile market for those pushing battery storage as the simple solution. A recent news poll of 2,000 households (ABC-21Sept) found:Almost three -quarters of people believe batteries will become comm...


What we do

Energy Stuff specialises in supporting Australian residential solar system homeowners with a range of services and products to ensure systems are running efficiently, keeping energy costs low, and preparing homes for a new renewable energy future.

Most households have no idea of how much energy they are generating or using and therefore cannot make the best decisions on using, or not using, energy through their appliances. We empower our customers by offering smart energy monitoring which provides 24/7 real-time feedback and management of solar energy generation and electricity consumption.

No matter the energy requirement, Energy Stuff has a range of specialty energy products to create, manage or repair solar energy production.

Solar checkup

Contact us to book a solar system specialist to check your system for safety and efficiency.


Solar Repairs

Get your solar system working again safely with a certified solar installer & repairer.


Smart Energy

Monitor and actively manage your energy production and automate your appliances.


New systems & upgrades

Generate your own energy – get advise on the best solutions or solar systems upgrade.


Solar Battery storage

Utilise your own energy better – call us about adding new battery storage.


Off-grid solar systems

Live in a remote area or is the cost to connect too high? Going Off-Grid could be the best decision you make.

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Homeowners with rooftop solar systems will be protected from neighbouring property developments overshadowing their roofs under changes to planning rules the Andrews government has introduced.

The Victorian Government has committed to provide half-price solar batteries for 10,000 homes if it wins the November election.

The Australian renewable energy industry will install more than 10 gigawatts of new solar and wind power during 2018 and 2019. If that rate is maintained, Australia would reach 50% renewables in 2025.

German solar battery firm sonnen is setting up a major manufacturing plant in South Australia that will build 10,000 batteries a year, its CEO says.

The South Australia Liberal government has finally outlined details of its long-awaited Home Battery Scheme, that will offer $100 million in state government subsidies for up to 40,000 households to install battery storage in their homes.

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